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United Coke Private Limited caters to industrial need of low ash metallurgical coke in Gujarat and other major stations in India. We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as the renowned Manufacturers of high quality LAM COKE at the west coast of the country.

Our state of the art coke plant is going through a major production increase. From current capacity of 3000 MT per month, we are increasing the production to 4500 MT per month.

Unique Buying Point of our LAM Coke is that we manufacture Coke from Stamp Charging technology and we were one of the pioneers in Kutch region to introduce this technology for Coke Manufacturing.

The Coke produced comprises mainly of carbon along with some minerals and residual volatile material. Coke is used as a primary fuel in Industries where a uniform and high temperature is required in kilns or furnaces. Coke is used as a processing agent and as a raw material in various industries.

Applications of low ash metallurgical coke (LAM coke)

  • Iron Foundries: Iron Foundries use coke in the Cupola to melt iron for casting it into various shapes as per applications.
  • Steel Foundries: Steel foundries use met coke to provide additional carbon content to the molten metal depending upon the specification of the casting.
  • Non ferrous metal castings: Foundries that make castings of copper and brass use met coke for melting the metal.
  • Lead and Zinc Smelters: Coke is a prime ingredient in the process of lead and zinc smelting.
  • Secondary Steel Producers: 'Mini' steel plants that produce steel from recycled steel scrap and sponge irons require coke.
  • Chemical Plants: Some soda ash plants and calcium carbide producers require coke in their process.
  • Ferro Alloy Plants: Ferro alloy producers require coke for their production. Coke is used as a reducing agent in this process.
  • Pig iron Producers: Production of pig iron requires coke.

S.No Size (mm)
1 Dust (0 - 6)
2 4-8
3 8-12
4 8-15
5 15-25
6 20 - 30
7 25-40
8 30-45
S.No Size (mm)
9 40-60
10 50-70
11 60-80
12 70-100
13 80-120
14 80-150
15 100+
16 Lumpy