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Adding Competitive Edge To The Group

UB Aggarwal Group has always thrived to be self-sufficient. Hence, all the Business activities of the Group are closely interconnected with back-n-forth integration of one business with another. On the same lines, the Group has established its own IMPEX & Logistics set-ups to facilitate the transportation of products from the Group's Businesses. Alongside this, we also provide these services to Companies other then our Group as well. This gives us a competitive edge over the other business groups in our industry.

On the IMPEX front, the Group has experience in import of M.S.Scrap from Dubai & Africa and also export its own & local steel products and Agro-based Products from surrounding areas.

UB Aggarwal Group is engaged in the import of Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN). We have complete setup of production chain right from the first to the last pillar of value chain for our cashew segment. RCN is checked sourced and packed by our dedicated team of over 20 people in Africa. Then, through our logistics team, same is sent to our facility here in India. Here in India, we have our fully dedicated team to handle the import of RCN.